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Loofbourrow Advisors specializes in a wide variety of financial services including, but not limited to, investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, 529 planning, insurance planning and 1031 exchanges.

Investment Management

Loofbourrow Advisors’ core business is investment management. We offer personalized service for the professional management of our clients’ accounts using assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Financial Planning

Loofbourrow Advisors will create a plan to help the client meet their financial goals. Discussion topics will answer questions such as:

How much do I need to save before I can retire? How much should I add to my investments each month? Which type of retirement plan is optimal for me? How do I determine my risk tolerance? How should I position my investments in my company 401k plan? What type of insurance is best for me? Do I need a Revocable Living Trust?

Retirement Planning

The emphasis one puts on retirement planning changes throughout different life stages. Early in a person’s working life, retirement planning is about setting aside enough money for retirement. During the middle of an individual’s career, it might also include setting specific income or asset targets and taking the steps to achieve them. In the few years leading up to retirement, financial assets are more or less determined, and so the emphasis changes to non-financial, lifestyle aspects.

529 Planning

A 529 plan is a college savings plan sponsored by a state or state agency. Savings can be used for tuition, books, and other education-related expenses at most accredited two- and four-year colleges and universities, U.S. vocational-technical schools, and eligible foreign institutions.

We encourage our clients with young children to start contributing to a 529 plan as early as possible. All gains made from the investments within the 529 plan that are used for qualified education expenses are tax free.

Insurance Planning

Risk management and insurance play a crucial role in your financial plan. We help our clients identify their insurance needs and work with an insurance professional to select specific products that will meet those needs.

1031 Exchanges

Thanks to IRC Section 1031, a properly structured 1031 exchange allows an investor to sell a property, reinvest the proceeds in a new property, and defer all capital gain taxes. A 1031 exchange allows investors to defer capital gain taxes and exchange into a high-quality property with professional property management. We help with the selection of an accommodator, a high-quality replacement property, and an outstanding property manager.

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